Revival Fire
Ministries of Africa


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Do You Have Eternal Security?

Standing in the Gap – True vs. False Prophets

Two Covenants – Torah-based Faith vs. Grace

The Hub – 12 Secrets to Answered Prayer

Fire in the Hole

Revival Campaigns

The Kenya Diaries

A Trumpet in Nigeria

A Scent of Rain

Into the Heart of Darkness

Fire and Rain

Revival Campaigns in Africa – 2019

The Battle for Nigeria

A Light in the Bush

A Match in Dry Grass

Planting a Seed in Liberia

A Whisper in the Wind

Talking With the Women, by Cindy

Tanzania, A Rumbling Under the Mountain

A Voice in the Wilderness

vol. 1, The Journey Begins

vol. 2, the Early Years

vol. 3, Prophet Rising

vol. 4, Revival in the Wings

vol. 5, Sound of an Abundance of Rain

vol. 6, Watchman, What of the Night?

vol. 7, Mud and Heroes

vol. 8, Ashes in the Morning

vol. 9, Shaking the Olive Tree

vol. 10, Winds of Change

vol. 11, A Final Call

vol. 12, Superficial Shells